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about our service

How does it work?

You will be armed with a management plan and prescription at your initial consultation. Any additional tests will be arranged and follow up arrangements made for results.

It can take up to 3 months to feel the full benefit of a new HRT regime so we suggest a follow up appointment at 2-3 months to make adjustments and additional plans as required.

We would advise a further review at 6 & 12 months to personalise your regime and get you feeling back to your radiant, confident, empowered self again.

Once stabilised on a regime we would recommend follow up appointment once per year or more frequently if you require. Up to 6 months of medications can be prescribed at a time once stable. We can arrange repeat prescriptions by email for a £35 admin fee (not including cost of medications).

What if I wish to have ongoing treatment on the NHS?

At any stage after initial assessment you can request your NHS GP to take over your care. I suggest making an appointment with them to discuss this and share your consultation summary and management plan with them. This is often best once your regime is stable and no further adjustments are necessary to allow medications to be continued with ease.

All the regimes we prescribe are evidence-based, recommended by NICE and The British Menopause Society. Most are available on NHS prescription with the exception to this is Androfeme 1% testosterone cream. This is licensed medication for testosterone deficiency in women in Australia but has not yet been licensed here in the UK.  As such, it is a special prescription that we can continue for your privately if necessary. Alternatively, products such as Tostran or Testogel are is available on the NHS in some areas.

What should I prepare for my initial consultation?

It is really helpful if you can include any symptoms in the pre-registration questionnaire that you will be sent in your booking confirmation. It is also helpful for you to note any specific concerns or questions in the appointment booking notes. Please have a form of photographic ID available and a list of your regular medications, previous medical problems, surgical procedures, important family history, mammogram and smear history as well as details about any allergies you have.

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