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Will I ever get my sex life back?

It is sexual health week here in the UK.

Sex remains a bit of a taboo and so it’s not something that patients ask me about directly.

It is something I always explore as it can be a hugely important part of life that suffers during peri and menopause.

Common barriers to enjoyable sex include

  • Vulval and vaginal dryness

  • Pelvic pain during or after sex

  • Vulval pain and irritation during and after sex

  • Vulval skin disorders such as lichen planus

  • Perineal scars from childbirth

  • Clitoral sensitivity changes/pain/dryness

  • Recurrent Cystitis or UTI after sex

  • Recurrent vaginal infections such as thrush or BV

  • Bleeding after sex *always get this checked*

  • Irregular and unpredictable periods

  • Pelvic floor weakness impacting enjoyment & ability to climax

  • lack of time

  • Lack of energy

  • Change in body and sensuality

  • Bloating

  • Change in self esteem

  • Change in bedtime routine to adjust for hot-flushes/sweats/insomnia

  • Prioritising good sleep over sex

  • Anxiety or worry reducing enjoyment and climax

  • Fear of pain/cystitis

  • Loss of desire to have sex

  • Loss of intimacy with partner

  • Changes in partner and life circumstances

If sex is important to you and you are struggling with any of these issues (or any others) then please don’t be fearful or ashamed of discussing this with your doctor.

There are many things that can help such as:

⭐️Vaginal moisturisers

⭐️Vaginal oestrogen

⭐️Preventative or “self start” antibiotics and thrush treatments

⭐️Pelvic physiotherapy


⭐️Vibrators/sex toys

⭐️Talking therapy

⭐️Lifestyle changes

⭐️HRT - particularly TESTOSTERONE

Consider booking in via link in bio to discuss Difficulties you may be having and the specific options available to you.









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