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Alternatives to HRT

This is a big topic but a question that comes up a lot.

HRT remains the most effective way of managing symptoms of hormone imbalance in perimenopause and hormone deficiency in menopause. NICE 2015 Menopause guidance in the UK concluded that for the vast majority of women the benefits of HRT use far outweigh any small risk associated with its use.

Howeber, in a recent Women’s Health Concern survey 95% of respondents wished to try alternatives before using HRT.

So swipe across to see some of the options to consider.

⛔️ NICE were clear in their guidance in 2015 to ensure herbal remedies carry the THR logo. These products have been approved and you can be sure that the product has the correct dosage, is of high quality and has suitable product information. Many available herbal medicines have unpredictable dose and purity and some herbal medicines have significant drug interactions.

⛔️ Isoflavones, red clover and black cohosh are not recommended for breast cancer survivors by any of the International bodies.

⛔️ Women on tamoxifen must not take St John’s Wort as it makes the tamoxifen ineffective.

⛔️ St John’s Wort and black cohosh interact with other drugs which raises concerns about safety.

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